The Human Rift

Being alone does not mean a person is unhappy and kept in some gloom isolation of pain and discomfort but rather lacks the warmth of community which would otherwise nurse and nurture him for support and love as a human being. Thus in this case, one can be alone and be happy. One can be […]

C e d I  Personified 

Ghana needs no representation for the next Olympics, all we’d need is the Cedi: Mahama converted some and flew it to Brasil, what can’t the Cedi do? It can run, It can dance; Skip a beat  And yet beatbox  With the times, It can fly, It does so  Without wings; So effortlessly, People chase it  […]

House Under Construction

  Lord, How’s it That you’re able  To restore life to the dying plants, Regenerate trees that have been Cut to a stump, And here I am, A wanderer after  Unsatisfying lust. In all my ignorant rumblings, I surrender, with thy rising  tongue of fire, Kiss my heart,  And let me bliss, Feeling fragrant till […]


Hmmm my people, it seems there many goats in the city than the village. Almost getting to the Tema Roundabout, there’s some construction work going on and so the driver of my travel bus has to slow down a bit in order to navigate the road properly. Keep in mind this guy is a decent […]


To love Is to pit a sacrifice  At the altar of resistance, It is to surrender in power, Welcome all uncertainties, And they having come  And paraded like a legion, Put fire through them In order to expand This sacred fire, And the heart truly lit, The dross burning away Until gently revealing,  A vein […]