Hmmm my people, it seems there many goats in the city than the village. Almost getting to the Tema Roundabout, there’s some construction work going on and so the driver of my travel bus has to slow down a bit in order to navigate the road properly. Keep in mind this guy is a decent […]


To love Is to pit a sacrifice  At the altar of resistance, It is to surrender in power, Welcome all uncertainties, And they having come  And paraded like a legion, Put fire through them In order to expand This sacred fire, And the heart truly lit, The dross burning away Until gently revealing,  A vein […]

Negotiating For Gems

So this afternoon I made my way to Accra Central to have lunch at my favourite vegetarian restaurant Health Valley, after I had finished eating I decided to pass through town to see if I would find some interesting books from the vendors who sell by the street. Fortunately I found these gems, and the […]

The Maddening Power of Art 

The only reason most artists aren’t bound to the walls of psychiatric wards is that, unlike the inhabitants of such wards, artists have self diagnosed and are in a bid to treat themselves. With colours, paints, words, sounds carefully arranged, whatsoever they can find in either thought or emotion, is streamed into a thing of […]

P L A G U E D 

I think my country is plagued with nonsense because the way we think as a people is faulty. Faulty thinking. Faulty thinking culture. People are not composed, and the least opportunity they get to have a moment with you, they’d like to impose their infantile ideas whereas you’re not preaching to them, forcing morsels of […]